Josh Jeffers
Josh Jeffers
Fullstack Software Engineering Student
Hello there!

I'm Josh, a 21 year old Software Engineering Student at the University of Auckland. I have a deep passion for software development, which has driven me to start and complete numerous self-derived projects, in an attempt to expand my programming expertise. I particularly love it when I'm able to develop software that helps others. It is one of the many reasons why I'm so proud of my discord
Quiz Bot
which was widely used by Part I Engineering Students.
My GitHub contributions over the past 30 days
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GitHub Contributions

GitHub Contributions is a simple API I made that can generated dynamic graphs of your recent GitHub contributions which can be used as image URLs in markdown files (Such as your public profile README). The API supports a number of query parameters which allow the style of the graph to be completely customised to suit the user's desires.

It uses Next.JS for the API and , React for rendering the contribution graph, Firestore for tracking usage metrics, and is hosted on an Oracle Cloud Infastructure compute instance.
- graphs rendered in the past week.
- graphs rendered in total.
September 2021
A discord bot I made using , my custom annotation-based discord bot framework for JDA. The bot allowed users to quiz themselves on CHEMMAT 121; a Part I Engineering course. The bot included a vast range of questions, answer streaks, leaderboards and helpful explanations. It also consisted of a separate built using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf which allowed users to easily add questions to the database. According to feedback collected from my peers, users found the bot to be an extremely useful and accessible studying mechanism.
As of November 2021, there were:
  • 131 unique questions.
  • 115 unique users.
  • 1,256 quizzes started.
  • 5,088 questions answered.
August 2022
Cornercutter is a desktop application that acts as a modding tool for the game . It allows for complete customisation of skill spawns within the game as persisted mods. These mods can be easily shared between users as small strings which others can easily import. From a development perspective, the project consists of three different distinct sections:
1.FrontendReact, TypeScript, Chakra UI, Redux.
2.BackendTauri, Rust.
November 2021
This digital portfolio was created as a way for me to develop my frontend knowledge by designing highly reusable React components in TypeScript. I leaveraged Next.JS to enable Static Generation, allowing the HTML to be generated at build time. Tailwind CSS was used for the styling, allowing me to easily make the website support devices of various sizes and dark/light modes.
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